Monday, April 13, 2009

Blue Raspberry Icee version 2

Top picture is version 1, next 2 pictures are the new batch

Well I was running low on Blue Raspberry Icee so this weekend I decided to make a batch. Well silly me decides to change the colors up my current batch is purple with a blue swirl. So this round I decided why not do blue with a purple swirl.
Well as soon as I added the blue to the main batch I remembered why I don't really do blue soaps. Blue soaps actually turn green because the color of the oils are pretty yellow. So much for the color plan on this batch right?!?!?! So I continue on with my purple swirl in the greenish soap then I pour it into the mold. With the top I end up doing a solid purple layer but it just isn't enough, so I end up putting some of the purple and blue mica on the top.
Well it top looks cool but the mica is rubbing off some the rest of the soap color is just so so. Even the purple swirl in the main part of the soap is barely showing up. The jury is still out on this one. I may be able to get it wiped down enough where it doesn't put off a ton of mica. Kicking myself now for not just sticking with what worked before, oh well on to the next batch.....


SoulMate said...

Wow thats amazing. i would call it Galaxy Soap and Andromeda Fog Candles :)

You are welcome to my Blog

I just started

keep ur good work on :)


milk and cookeez said...

My husband the R&D wizard, calls that research.
Sometimes, research just sucks, don't I know.
I like your soap though, it's about what it's made of too-because really, it's going in the shower.
Don't fret, It really looks good!

Anonymous said...

I guess if you never experimented, you'd never learn what works and what doesn't. It's still very pretty!

Mindy said...

Exactly what the poster above me wrote. I still think your soaps rock so you know my opinion already, lol. And to boot Blue Raspberry Icee is my fav.

Josh Jones said...

Wow I love the swirls and texture to these! Great work!

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