Wednesday, March 4, 2009


These moon candles are scented in Fresh Laundry. I don't often get to use this mold so this order was a nice change up from my normal orders and it was also nice to do some blues :)

Still waiting for my soap supplies to arrive, maybe new soap early next week. Just means more time to work on the website :)
Did get my big box full of little boxes for shipping small orders of soap. I had ran out and had to get my mom to hook me up again, she picks them up at work and manages to find me a good range of sizes for all orders.


Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

Simply gorgeous!!! True story: I did not like the mottled look until I saw your candles. Now I absolutely love them. They look unique and truly hand-crafted.

Little Shadow Creations said...

~Ditto what Patrice said. You make the motted look very cool, love the moons!
How big are they?, they look huge.

Anonymous said...

Your Moon Candles are stunning! These are my fav yet. :)

That is so cool you re-use those boxes (and they're free!!)!

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

5.75" x 3.5" Crescent Moon (1.60 lbs)

specs on that candle :)

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