Sunday, January 25, 2009

fresh pink sugar

well took a break from the bath bombs to catch back up on soaping. Made a batch of sandalwood on thursday night and on saturday I made a new batch of pink sugar. I decided to change up the colors on the pink sugar and I am pleased with how they came out it is a combo of neon pink, as well as white and blue micas. Sandalwood is still by far my best selling scent, it is just a nice clean scent and guys and girls can use it.
Wanting to make the enchanted apple soap next, just stuck trying to decide what colors to make it. Red with a touch of black? red and white? green? green with something else? or? hmmmm

I have also been working on making new labels and such for all my products, once I get those done and the pictures taken I will have to update my website. It is also tax time(the not fun part of running a business) so the to do list is still really long and like normal I have a million ideas I want to work on with little time to do them.


Anonymous said...

You sure have some pretty, colorful soaps!


Anne-Marie said...

Oooh Ahhhh! I love the bright colors!

Sandy said...

Love those colors Misty. BTW, did you enter the swirl contest in Saponifier? I thought I recognized some soaps as looking a lot like yours. Your Fresh Pink Sugar could have been entered.

Funny thing is I am working on new labels too. And my hubby is doing the taxes. Boy is he crabby :(

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

I did enter the contest
there sure was some really good ones. If I had more time to plan I could have tried a new batch. I submitted pictures of the forbidden fruit batch I did not long ago. Wonder when they will tell who won?

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