Monday, December 15, 2008

mom cleaned me out

Random old school picture, these are actually some of the very first candles I ever made most of the chunks are from the total mess up first candles I tried to make.

Well leave it to my mom to wipe me out of a bunch of different soaps. Let me back up some and explain my mom wasn't a huge fan of me wanting to make soap when I first started. She didn't think they would sell and she just really wasn't into them. Well I have more then proved her wrong. Her and my boyfriend have both been my skeptics, guess it is good to have those as well right?!?!

Well this year she has decided she wants to get some pretty soaps to give to her quilting friends (she also makes quilts). So she calls me and puts in her order last night, now besides getting low on Sandalwood, now I am needing more Forbidden Fruit and Summer Medley. I swear my playing around batch of soap always seems to get pushed back.

I have been busy doing holiday baking and still cranking out the holiday candle orders. Now I need to work on getting more soaping time worked in too :)

As always the to do list has more things then I have time to do.......

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