Friday, October 3, 2008

Pie Crust

Long time no post right? Well the 2 weeks of vacation in Colorado to see my family was lots of fun. Spent a little time catching back up after I got back home and I have ordered more supplies which should be in on Tuesday.

The Holiday season is starting, have my first holiday custom order in already. This order will be 5 Taper pillars in scents from Pie Crust to Turkish Hazelnut Café as well as tarts/melts of each scent to match.

Next up on my soap to do list is going to be little Melt & Pour Fish in “bowls”. I will post some pictures once I get them tested and looking good.

Still trying to figure out what scent I will do in CP soap next, maybe Lavender? Banana Cream Pie? Blue Sugar? Hmmmmm what to do?!?!!?

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