Thursday, July 17, 2008


so I totally sold out of Twigs & Berries and I really need to make some more

but I keep going back and forth on what colors to make it

This scent is a nice male or female scent. Right in the middle type one, well the colors I did before I think put off some of the male clients from picking it. See attached picture.

So I was thinking a good time to change it up some. But I can't decide what to do, one big problem is this scent moves super fast so I really don't have much time at all to play with it. It will pretty much be a main color for the batch and maybe a top layer, no time for swirls.

I was thinking maybe a dark blue/green combo or dark blue/lime green. Maybe even a white with a blue top layer? or some other color combo? I may just end up standing there and at the last second decide what color to toss in.

1 comment:

Suds to Love said...

any blue with any green would be great, at least I think...

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