Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Medley from start to finish

Summer Medley
A perfect blend of fruits that screams summer. Sweet oranges, ripe strawberries, sliced lemons, lime juice, grapefruits and red raspberries. A wonderfully unique, strong scent.


gambling online said...

that's really cute..wish i had one too.

Joanna said...

That is crazy wild! It looks like one of those movies with the oil and water and coloring (remember the movie pre-time?). Also Spin art ;o)

Suds to Love said...

What type of colorant did you use?

Burnt Mill Candles & Soap said...

sorry had a type-o in the company name in the other post.

It is a combo of Bittercreek North Gel Tones and Neon Oxides from Southern Soapers.

Anonymous said...

I just had to say: PSYCHEDELIC, MAN!! ;)

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