Tuesday, October 30, 2007

gift baskets

I tried to put off the need to get new scents and it worked for a while. But I couldn’t take it anymore so I ordered Pumpkin Cheesecake scent, which is
Sweet, creamy pumpkin with a warm touch of nutmeg, blended with rich delicious cheesecake!

Many other candle and soap makers rave about this scent and say they can’t keep it from flying off the shelves. So I decided I had to see what it was like for myself, I also ordered a sample of the one that is said to smell like vanilla cupcakes.

Another new thing that happened over the weekend was that I took a gift basket making class. I have wanted to add those to my site for a while now but I wanted them to look really nice so I knew I needed to learn more skills in that area. I am attaching a picture so you can see what I made. I am not one to like the traditional wood looking basket so I opted for this silver one with glitter on it. I am thinking in the future I will be carrying my “baskets” in more of an old farmers pail type thing instead.

I also finished up the first big holiday order to come in here is a picture of those candles.

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